Pacific Northwest Contact for Entangled Whale


Marine mammals occasionally swim into derelict fishing gear or marine debris and get stuck, injured, or even killed. Ocean users in the Northwest have an important role in helping entangled whales. In Washington and Oregon call the NOAA Fisheries entanglement reporting hotline at 1-877-SOS-WHALe (1-887-767-9425). Prompt reporting is the best way to assist an entangled animal.

Safety First! Whales in distress may act unpredictably, close approach is not advised. Do not attempt disentanglement without training and authorization. Try to get video or photos showing the entangled gear. Please be aware that it is not possible or necessarily appropriate to respond to every entangled whale. The two most common baleen whales entangled in the Northwest are the Humpback Whale and the Gray Whale. To help you identify cetacean species visit Cetacean Species or Pinniped Species.

If you see an entangled whale, please call: 1-800-SOS-WHALe or 1-800-767-9425.

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