Rescued Entangled Right Whale Births Calf

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. ( — A whale once freed from a life-threatening entanglement was spotted Saturday in Cape Cod Bay.

The right wale, known to local researchers from the Center for Coastal Studies as “Wart,” was saved in 2010 and then spotted again in January of 2013 with a newborn calf, something researchers say is rare, because whales typically like to give birth in warmer waters.

“This season we have identified a total of three right whales that are known to have given birth last winter,” said researcher Corey Accardo in a statement. “The other two whales have been identified as Catspaw, sighted on Jan. 16 and 17; and Piper, spotted on February 1.”

The center also reminded boaters that they must legally stay 500 yards away from right whales unless they have a federal permit.

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