Dolphin Consumption Grows As Fisheries Shrink

From Blue Voice

Meat taken from wild animals for human consumption is known as bush meat. It is a ghastly and pervasive problem in Africa. Marine bushmeat is now becoming an issue of concern worldwide as fisheries are depleted and marine mammals are seen as a replacement for fish protein.

Peru is not the only location where dolphins are killed for food. For example, there is a large fishery for pilot whales off Dominica and elsewhere in the Caribbean, as well as the Solomon Islands.

It is also believed that dolphins are hunted along the coast of Chile. We need to further investigate this.

There are even reports that French fishermen are illegally catching and eating dolphins in the English Channel and off Cornwall, UK.

Of course Japan is the largest consumer of whales and dolphins in the world. And by far the focus of greatest attention. But Japan is by no means the only nation where this occurs.


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