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Sea Otter in Morro Bay. (C. Coimbra Photo)

Sea Otter in Morro Bay. (C. Coimbra Photo)

No sea creature beckons the oohs and awes more than the furry little guy floating on his back along the Pacific coast–the Sea Otter.  The pages that follow are devoted to updates and the conditions of the sea otter. 



 From Feed Blitz:

Sea otters disappeared from the Oregon coast around 1906, just a few years before the North Pacific Fur Seal Treaty of 1911, which banned the hunt for seals, sea lions and sea otters for their fur.

This week, a sighting of a single sea otterhas been confirmed in Depoe Bay, Oregon– the first time that an animal has ventured from the populations that are resident in Washington and California.

Historically, the range of Pacific coast sea otters stretched from Baja California, north along the entire Pacific coast to Alaska, and across the islands that stretch to Russia. Today, the populations are fragmented and struggling


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