Humpback Calf Washes Up In Oceano, California

Humpback whale calf carcass on Oceano beach

Humpback whale calf carcass on Oceano beach

KSBY News Reports (April 30, 2013)

The body of a baby whale washed up on the beach at Oceano Dunes, and park rangers are now deciding what to do with it.

Park Ranger Robert Tolin told us Tuesday night that it is the carcass of a baby humpback whale measuring about 26 feet long.
Tolin says it looks like the whale has been dead for some time and has bite marks over much of the flesh.
It washed up onshore around four this afternoon.
“In the past, what we’ve done is sent notifications to the marine mammal institutes and they’ve sent some people up from the LA County Museum of Natural History,” said Park Ranger Robert Tolin.
Rangers will protect it overnight and decide how to dispose of it tomorrow morning.
Options include hauling it away on a flatbed truck or dissecting on the beach.

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