Ethical Seafood Choices In An Oceanic Crisis

From the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

 Ethical Seafood Choices

What is our responsibility — as consumers, chefs and businesses — when it comes to our seafood choices?

The issue’s very much in the news, especially with Monday’s World Oceans Day release of the powerful documentary, The End of the Line, about the global crisis in the ocean. (Ted Danson, who narrates the film, was interviewed on CNN about the film and the state of the ocean today, and wrote a commentary, too.)

Bluefin school With 90 percent of the large fish in the sea already gone, and researchers forecasting the collapse of most major fisheries by mid-century if we don’t change our ways, our ethical responsibilities are far from an abstract consideration. Our choices DO matter, for ocean wildlife and marine ecosystems.

The New York Times thinks so, too. It created a conversation about the issue in its online Room for Debate blog. Sheila Bowman, senior outreach manager for our Seafood Watch program, is one of the contributors. You can weigh in with your thoughts in the Comments section.

SushiCardwithSushi The discussion is timely, too. Celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, creator of 24 restaurants on five continents, has faced withering criticismand protests — because he continues to serve critically endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna. He has shown no sign he plans to pull the fish off his menu.

Other renowned chefs have been — and still are — leaders in the sustainable seafood movement. Check out the Room for Debate forum. If you’re inspired, Monterey Bay Aquarium & Seafood Watch have tools you can use to make a difference.

ADD: The Times’ coverage begins with MarK Bittman’s essay on the challenges facing the ethical seafood lover today; and includes three sustainable seafood recipes, featuring lobster, mackerel and squid.

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