Nearly 100 Sick Sea Lions Rescued in So California

Rescued California sea lion

Rescued California sea lion

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March 15, 2013 update:  Southern California coast sees deluge of sick sea lion pups

March 12, 2013 Update: Stranded Sea Lions Overwhelm NonProfit

March 4, 2013 update on California Sea Lion rescue:  http://

NBC News, Los Angeles Reports:

Something fishy’s going on in the waters off California. More than 90 skinny, sick sea lion pups have been handed over to the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro so far this year. The animals are coming in malnourished and dehydrated (although still adorable). Center Director Dave Bard is worried, explaining that this is the time of year that pups fall ill, but normally the number of sick animals they see by February is only in the teens. Common sea lion injuries include wounds caused by fishing gear or ocean debris, and natural illnesses. Experts are conducting blood tests to check for a common ailment, but nothing’s turned up yet

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