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  • Gulf “Dead Zone” Bigger than New Jersey

    Intensive agriculture near the Mississippi has led to fertilizers leeching into the river, and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico, via soils and waterways. This has resulted in a huge oxygen-deprived dead zone in the Gulf that is now at its largest ever extent, covering an area greater than the state of New Jersey.

  • Zero Male Loggerhead Sea Turtles Hatched on Atlantic and Gulf Coasts

    STUART, Fla. — South Florida beaches are no longer “Where the Boys Are.” At least for sea turtles. For more than a dozen years, the vast majority of sea turtles born on Florida beaches have been female, says Jeanette Wyneken, a biological… Read More ›

  • Level of Microplastic Pollution Stuns Researchers

    “Given their pervasive and persistent nature, microplastics have become a global environmental concern and a potential risk to human populations,” said Rachel Hurley from the University of Manchester and colleagues in their report, published in Nature Geoscience.

  • Canada & Mexico to Discuss Plastics in Ocean

    “From acidification to the worsening impacts of hurricanes, climate change is negatively affecting our oceans and coastal communities. In addition, plastic waste and marine litter pose an increasingly serious threat to our oceans, marine life, and human health. In fact, there is so much plastic in our oceans that, without action, it is estimated there will be more plastics in our oceans than fish, by 2050. This global problem requires action, and Canada is working with international partners to see our oceans protected from waste and the impacts of climate change. As Canadatakes on the G7 presidency in 2018, we will continue to advance global efforts on climate change, oceans, and clean energy.”
    – Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

  • Plastic Found in Deep Water Fish

    “There is now evidence that some of these toxins on the microplastics can be transferred to animals that eat them, with potential harmful effects.”

  • Ghost Nets & Gear Remain An Entanglement Cause

      Colossal numbers of plastic bottles and bags float around the earth, and their severe impact on marine life has been extensively documented. But there’s another, lesser-known killer plastic lurking in our oceans. Every year, more than 136,000 whales, dolphins and… Read More ›

  • Unusual Mortality Rate for Minke Whales

    An unusually high number of dead minke whales reported along the East Coast in the past year has prompted federal officials to launch an investigation into what’s killing the protected animals. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Wednesday that… Read More ›