Learn More About Ocean Acidification

chris_hsu_poster_smlThis week Neptune 911 will present ways and means to learn more about the ocean and ways to help our oceans in preparation for the upcoming World Oceans Day, June 8, 2013. 

Stanford University’s Hopkin’s Marine Station offers  Inquiry-2-Insight project sponsored by the Wallenberg Global Learning Network and Stanford is a collaboration between the Epel Lab at Hopkins and Sweden’s Sven Loven Marine Center of Goteborg University. Biologists and educators have developed Acid Ocean, an inquiry-based virtual lab designed to investigate the problem of ocean acidification. Students use a virtual lab bench to set up an experiment, use authentic research data, and measure changes in larva to see possible effects of climate change. Students measure their own specimen and then evaluate the significance individual and class data.

Click the Inquiry-2-Insight link to bring you to three Acid Ocean workshops that you can follow on line.

Click this link for the workshop, Ocean Acidification? So What?



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