Recycle Your Cell Phone-Help Clean Oceans Project

October is recycle your cell phone month at The Clean Oceans Project.

There are more than 500 million used cell phones in the U.S. sitting in people’s drawers, or worse, in our landfills.  Another 130 million will be added this year alone!  Help raise funds for The Clean Oceans Project by sending in your old cell phone or PDA.  TCOP will turn in the devices and they will be refurbished or recycled per EPA standards.  Rest assured our recycler will wipe all information off of your device but it you would like to do that yourself you can find instructions from your mobile carrier or here:

Please mail cell phones and PDAs (sorry, no other devices accepted) by October 31st to:
The Clean Oceans Project
333 Lake Avenue Suite D
Santa Cruz, CA  95062
For more information on The Clean Oceans Project go to:

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