A Dumpster of Derelict Nets


NOAA Photo

Ghost nets (derelict nets) , the abandoned or lost nets from fisheries worldwide, is a subject that was the beginning of this blog, Neptune 911. According to a recent post in NOAA’s Marine Debris Log, the agency’s ghost (net) busters,  “After two days of operations at Maro Reef, our small boat teams had already pulled 3,990 kilograms (8,796 pounds) of derelict nets out of the water.”

“Maro Reef is the largest coral reef in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, with over 1,934 square kilometers (approximately 746 square miles or 478,000 acres) of reef area. Unlike the classic ring-shaped atoll, Maro is a complex maze of linear reefs that radiate out from the center like the spokes of a wheel. It is named after the whaling ship Maro, which traveled these waters in 1820.”

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