5 Easy Ways To Protect Our Oceans

Coastal Commission 5 ways

Neptune 911 is about ocean education for everyone, from every continent’s coastline and all the earth between.  The California Coastal Commission has offered five easy ways we can each help our ocean’s health:

Leave beaches, parks, and neighborhoods cleaner than you found them—pick up trash even if it’s not yours.
Take public transportation, bike or walk instead of driving.
Bring a bag with you when you go to the store instead of accepting a paper or plastic bag. For small or single items, tell the clerk you don’t need a bag.
Seek out products with minimal packaging and avoid products with excessive packaging. For instance, avoid individual servings in favor of larger packages and bulk foods. Foods like fruit and vegetables can usually be found with less packaging than processed foods!
Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth or shave.

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