615 Dead Dolphins Reported on Peru Beach

Editor’s note…this post was updated 4/6/12.  Scroll down for update

UPDATED:  4/19/12:  From BlueVoice.org:


HJ/Carlos/deadbaby dolphin.jpgOne of, perhaps the worst, die-offs of dolphins ever is occurring in Peru right now. BlueVoice Executive Director Hardy Jones joined Peruvian marine mammal specialist Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos to recon 135 miles of Peruvian coastline. “We found 615 dead dolphins in varying stages of decomposition. Carlos took samples for testing. It was a deeply tragic sight. We must find out what the cause is.” reports Hardy.

TissueSamplingPeruUME.jpgImmediately after our video and photos hit the news Peru admitted the disaster. But no national resources have been committed to detecting the cause of the event.

We must continue testing samples of dolphin bone, blood and tissue for viruses such as morbillivirus, for bacteria such as Brucella and for possible intoxication by red tide. There is also the possibility that seismic testing for oil exploration is involved. In fact there may be multiple factors that have contributed to this nearly unprecedented tragedy.

Dolphins worldwide suffer from compromised immune systems and die-offs are increasing in frequency and virulence. The tragic event in Peru can provide clues to what is happening in all the world’s oceans.

PeruDolphinFishermen.jpgEven as the die-off takes place Peruvian fishermen are killing dolphins for food – and getting sick as a result. Exposure of this at the forthcoming IWC will put enormous pressure on Peru to end this deliberate massacre of dolphins.

Hardy.jpgFor all the dolphins,

Hardy Jones


Editor’s Note:  This was just tweeted:     

I arrived here yesterday, Tuesday 3/28. In that one day we found 615 dead dolphins on 135 kilometers of beach north of San Jose, Peru. This tragedy is unspeakable. BlueVoice is working with Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos of ORCA Peru. Tissue samples have been obtained and will be analyzed. Never heard of this level of UME. This must be investigated.
We have video and stills for the media. If you have media contacts have them email me at hardyjones@bluevoice.org.

March 29, 2012 update:  http://thevoiceofthedolphins.blogspot.com/2012/03/catastrophe-for-dolphins-along-north.html?spref=tw

Friday, April 6, 2012

Detailed Report From Peru Dolphin Mortality Event

Here are some results from Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos’s tests on dolphins washed up on Peruvian beaches. These tests were undertaken by ORCA – Peru and funded by BlueVoice. Additional results will be published here shortly.As previously reported, two species have been affected: Long beaked
common dolphin (Delphinus capensis) and Burmeister’s porpoise (Phocoena
spinipinnis). We counted 615 common dolphins. All age classes were
affected: Adult males, females, lactating females, juveniles, calves and
newborns. We counted 19 porpoises, only females and calves.There are carcasses in different degrees of decomposition and every 10
to 30 meters, none of them older than 5 weeks. This matches with the fact
that these strandings happened right after our previous survey. We found
animals recently dead (no more than 12 hours) and several carcasses of
juveniles and calves showed “rigor mortis” as being dead on land, then
stranded alive (stiff arc position, beak open, belly down, transversal to
tide line, no more than 3 days dead).

Necropsies were performed on site. Macroscopic findings include:
hemorrhagic lesions in the middle including the acoustic chamber,
fractures in the periotic bones, bubbles in blood filling liver and
kidneys (animals were diving, so the main organs were congested), lesions
in the lungs compatible with pulmonary emphysema, sponge-like liver. So
far we have 12 periotic samples from different animals, all with different
degree of fractures and 80% of them with fracture in the right periotic
bones, compatible with acoustic impact and decompression syndrome.

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