Levianthian Rises, Challenges Neptune’s 911 Plea



Charmaine Coimbra


A few nagging words continue my reading material intrusion;  they include carbonic acid and ocean acidification.

The volume of new ocean-related information that fills Neptune 911’s email account overwhelms me.  It also validates this blog’s name. 

Neptune, God of the Sea, may have joined the Neptune Society   http://www.neptunesociety.com/as his domain battles our endless plunder of the what keeps us and our planet alive—our oceans.

Our seas seem endless and invulnerable to  intrusion.  And the ocean wins when we go against its tide.  But like a strong woman with endless energy and strength, abuse takes its toll and the once-strong woman becomes a victim that can no longer fight and survive on her own.

Ocean acidification is not new, but the growing effects fuel scientific concern that now leads most of my incoming email.  NPR recently discussed the effect of ocean acidification along the Northern California coastline.  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111807469

I found another informative piece  at http://novascience.wordpress.com/category/climate-change/impacts-of-climate-change/ocean-acidification/

Meanwhile, other scientists challenge these concerns, such as this piece from the conservative think tank, The Heartland Institute.  http://www.heartland.org/publications/environment%20climate/article/26815/Ocean_Acidification_Scare_Pushed_at_Copenhagen.html

Regardless, the ocean has a Texas-and-growing-larger-sized trash island, plastics are a real debacle for the seas and marine life, coral reefs die daily, fisheries face harvest-depletion, and  marine life die-offs continue.  Yet there’s an element that denies that we have an ocean that screams for help. 

Leviathan rises and challenges Neptune’s will.

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  1. On the news today they had an aerial shot of the beaches in So Cal. Where any of the storm drains emptied out into the ocean from all the rain you could see an actual boundary of brown against the blue green water. The waves within this area were also brown. They said it was dirt and trash entering the ocean. It was a sad and frightening sight to see.

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