IWC Report: Humpback Whale Kill Request

Editor’s note:  We will return to issues regarding our polluted oceans.  However, with the International Whaling Commission in session, there are other items that Neptune 911 wishes to bring to your attention.

Call to Action from

humpback_breaching-noaaDenmark is asking for the right for Greenland to hunt and kill fifty humpback whales. Sweden is supporting this request.


Humpbacks are slow swimmers, easy to hunt. Their populations are just rebuilding after remorseless hunting. The targeted humpbacks are well known and loved by populations along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada and admired and respected by people around the world.

email the Prime Minister of Denmark. This must be done from your own email account – not just a click from BV which will be filtered.
Below is the email address and sample letter – you can add your own personal comments which make the email more effective.

I protest in the strongest terms Denmark’s support of the slaughter of fifty humpbacks from the Northeast Atlantic stock. Humpbacks are loved and respected by many around the world. When making travel plans I shall remember your efforts to kill these highly intelligent, social and endangered animals.
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Email for the Danish Prime Minister:
(You must cut and paste this address)



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