Video Shows Plankton Consuming Plastic Beads

C. Coimbra photo

C. Coimbra photo

Neptune 911 has reported on scientific concerns about plastics in the seafood that we consume. This video shows how plankton easily consume plastic beads.

Yes, the following is editorializing, something Neptune 911 uses only when facts out-weigh the hyperbole. There is a concerted effort to deny the nightmarish evidence that plastics in our seas is some environmentalist’s hoax.  When news about the preponderance of plastics and/or marine debris comes in from unlikely sources, it lends credence to environmental concerns.

Words like “alarmist” are bantered about like a plastic ping pong ball.  It’s a marketing term that belittles those who have nothing to gain by pointing out the dark side of over-consumerism. It’s past time to rethink, reuse, reduce our use of plastics.–C. Coimbra

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