5 Years After Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe

oil-spills-mdEditor’s Note: On April 20, 2010 BP Oil’s Deepwater Horizon gulf oil rig blew. It is considered the worst oil spill in U.S. waters. The stories vary, depending on which interest is reporting the updated news. Neptune 911 lists below the collection of stories you can access online. You be the judge if the Gulf of Mexico has recovered from the massive leak, or if judgement is still out on the overall health of the Gulf.

This list comes from the Society of Environmental Journalists.

Since BP Spill, 9 Million Acres in Gulf Leased for Drilling

On BP Oil Spill Anniversary, Ex-NOAA Director Urges Major Changes in Federal Spill Contingency Plan” (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

“5 Years After BP Spill, Drillers Push Into Riskier Depths” (AP)

“Five Years After the BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster, Oil Spills Are on the Rise” (Earth Island Journal)

“BP Oil Spill: in Hard-Hit Oyster Areas, Concrete Mountains Rise 5 Years After Disaster” (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

“5 Years After BP Oil Spill, Effects Linger And Recovery Is Slow” (NPR)

“Dispersant Used To Clean Gulf Spill More Toxic To Corals Than the Oil” (SPX)

BP Says Oil Spill Isn’t a Disaster (Bloomberg)

“Louisiana Five Years After BP Oil Spill: ‘it’s Not Going Back To Normal No Time Soon'” (Guardian)

“The Enduring Mystery of the Missing Oil Spilt in the Gulf of Mexico” (Scientific American)

“Study Finds High Incidence of Respiratory Problems in Oil Spill Cleanup Workers” (Tampa Bay Times)

“5 Years After Gulf Oil Spill, BP Spokesman Tells Public Not To Worry About Tar Balls In The Water” (Climate Progress)

“On BP Oil Spill Anniversary, Trustees And BP Announce $134M in Proposed Early Restoration Projects” (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

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