Plastic Starved Sperm Whale Confirmed

Crittercam captures Humbolt Squid Flashdancing on Neptune911 for Kids

Surfrider Foundation reports today that:  Almost a year after a sperm whale washed ashore on Spain’s southern coast, marine biologists have confirmed that the animal died of starvation. Scientists discovered that the whale’s stomach had become clogged with plastic garbage dumped into the sea by farmers tending greenhouses that produce tomatoes and other vegetables for British supermarkets. The content of the whale’s stomach included sheeting used to build greenhouses, indoor and outdoor grades of plastic tarp, greenhouse twine and rope and even a few flower pots. The necropsy of the whale highlights the importance of keeping plastic garbage out of the world’s oceans. One hundred thousand turtles, sea lions, pelagic birds, dolphins, and whales, die each year from ingestion of and entrapment in plastic they encounter in the ocean.

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